Desktop Icons after Browsing


After browsing, I find website icons on my desktop. How can I prevent these from reappearing?


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Brave version 0.19.53, Macbook Pro OS-X Sierra


Here’s the shield settings


Could you explain more about what you mean please? Thanks.


Do you mean the top tiles on a new tab? If so there is no option to delete them as of now. But we do have an issue logged for that feature to be implemented and can be tracked here


I’m using Brave 19.95 with Mac Os 10.12.6. I’m very frustrated with the inability to easily remove the Thumbs. Neither clearing the Browser History or Browsing Data helps. One can very slowly remove one Thumb at a time (after a 5-second delay). Is removing all Thumbs easily, a dead issue? Complaints have been registered since at least July 2017.

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