Desktop Browser Brave Reward Anomalies

My wallet is uphold verified with CCD questions and everything. In fact, I received my android rewards to my uphold walled without any problem.

For the desktop browser, however, there are three problems.

  1. When we started February, my January rewards were cut around 25%. While we were in January, I saw the amount around 1.02 BAT. But as soon as we turned in February, the reward for the previous month(January) went down to 0.756 BAT.

  2. Beginning of February, there was an update to Brave. Before the update I had around 1.4 BAT calculated. After the restart of the update, this went down to 0.8 BAT levels.

  3. I didn’t receive January 2022 rewards. Until today, there was an informational statement under the brave wallet card saying something like “your brave rewards is on its way. Check the status here”. As of today, this message is gone. No rewards were received.

Thanks in advance

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I have these exact problems @u21979 has outlined above, and have had them for even longer (since November). I get rewards just fine on my phone but have never gotten any on my Windows PC, and the “ads on the way” notification has also vanished as of today.

All of this despite reaching out to Community Support and being attended to by @SaltyBanana who said my wallet should be functional again.

I was hopeful after the recent announcement about the problems with verified Uphold wallets being sorted out, and now I am clueless about what to do.

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