Desktop browser 0.13.0 crashes frequently


Desktop browser 0.13.0 crashes frequently.
OS - Windows 7
Crashes so much so that,its difficult to use.
Uninstalled completely & re installed, still no change.
Crashes mostly when tab is added,even if the new tab happens to be 2nd tab !!


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Crashes,mostly when tab is added & sometimes whn tab closed.
Sometimes if 2 tabs loading at the same time, it crashes.
Sometimes whn the browser is just loaded & the only tab is just loading,it crashes.

Find setting SS,attached.


While visiting to , Brave mostly crashes.

I have shared before that,Block ad doesnt work on this site (

Find SS.


India specific Ad Block doesnt work on all sites.

Find Ad Block SS.


ad block filters will be choosed again based on feedbacks, appreciated.


Unable to get your view. Can u be detail ?


@bhabanisb individual filters on about:adblock are maintained by contributors who are not part of brave’s main org. we include them because folks request them, but to improve their functionality you will have to contact the maintainer directly or start to write your own filters in the field at the bottom of the page. the syntax guide is here :


With respect to, I have not experienced any crashing on this site. I have tried news, cricket statistics, etc and opened many tabs. If you are experiencing a crash, please provide some step-by-step instructions on how to reproduce the crash.

I would also suggest that maybe your cache needs to be cleared.
Please visit about:preferences#security and try ‘Clear Browsing Data Now…’

Let us know how it turns out!


Thanks.As per suggestion, i cleared cache. After this, i visited in the 1st & only tab of the browser & Brave crashed in no time. I repeated the same instantly, again it crashed in no time.

Find shield stting SS,for reference.

Let me know,if you think crash report files,can be useful.I will try to upload.


Rediff is not on the fanboy list that we are using hence the region specific ads are not blocked.

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