Desktop Brave crashes immediately after adding iOS phone to sync chain and will not reopen

I would attempt to relay version number and reproduction steps, but I can no longer open Brave so I might need some assistance in providing more information. I have two windows desktops, a macos desktop in my sync chain, and an ubuntu desktop. I added my iPhone to the sync chain, which immediately crashed my desktop browser that I used to scan the QR code, and it will not reopen.

I’m planning on uninstalling and reinstalling Brave, but was going to wait to see if there was any information the dev team needed before I wiped it. I’ve already removed my iPhone from the sync chain.


Thanks for reporting

Are you using release version of desktop browser or beta?

release version sir yes

I uninstalled Brave and reinstalled and I still have the same issue. Brave opens for a split second and then crashes.

Is there anything I can do to get back to using Brave? I’m dead in the water here. I really hate using Edge… do I need to delete AppData? I really need to get back to using Brave as its my daily driver and I’ve invested a lot of energy into my workflows surrounding it.

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Thank you for pinging us again – let me reach out to the team and see if anyone know’s what may be going on. Appreciate your patience.

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:point_up: Did you do a fresh install of the browser entirely or just un/reinstall (wherein your data would still be preserved)?

uninstall and reinstall. how do I do a fresh install? Delete the app data folder?

Yes, that would be a fresh install. If you’d like, you can also try downloading Brave Beta on your PC and see if you get the same behavior (note that installing Beta will not overwrite or replace any existing Brave data on your device – they’ll run in parallel).

I’ll try the beta. Will the beta use a separate wallet? Are they any log files or anything you want for troubleshooting?

Beta will create a new/seperate user wallet, yes. But, should you want to, you can restore/import wallet data into the Beta.

I may ask for log files here after we see the results from the Beta test.

Beta seems stable. I will avoid turning on sync. Will run it for a couple days before re-importing my wallet.

I was about to hit 1 million ads/trackers blocked… maybe my stats were too impressive and I needed to be knocked down a peg or two… :wink:

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One question I had, @Mattches - is there a way to just remove the sync data from appdata folder? And keep the rest of my settings?

Are you referring to your Bookmarks data? If so, you can export your bookmarks as an HTML file so you can reimport them on your new installation.
Menu --> Bookmarks --> Bookmarks manager --> Options (three dots, top left) --> Export

How can I do that if Brave Release won’t open?

You’re absolutely right – my bad. Have you removed the devices on the Sync chain using the iPhone?

No. Since the iphone was the first one to cause the problem, I removed that one first. I’ll see if I can boot up one of the other pcs on the chain and remove the rest.

That’s what I’d recommend if possible. If not let me know and we’ll explore other solutions.

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