DESIGNS keep changing

Hi there!
Spent hours dealing with this issue and could not find an existing thread on this issue:

When opening a NEW TAB, WHY is the “DESIGN” I’ve chosen (background picture) constantly changing to an unwanted new design (picture).
I chose the very nice “clean blue” and that’s all I wanna see. No waterfalls no mountains, etc…

Hi @easy55,
How are you setting the background picture? Are you using an extension or are you toggling the settings in the new tab page?

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Hi Aa-ron!
Thanks for asking!
I basically did it just like your picture is showing it but without the clock and without Top Sites. I downloaded my chosen picture from the “design page” through settings. The browser frame shows the right image (not inside the page) and every time I open a NEW TAB it shows another image (universe, landscapes, etc…) which I have never chosen.

Since I have to deal with too many issues like: Brave Browser crashing (I’m running it on Mojave for Mac), unable to reopen unless newly installed again, and unable to show my bookmarks as I’m used to from Safari, I think I may just cancel my BRAVE-Experience all together.
and on top of it I just found out that I can not sync my Safari bookmarks to Brave on iPhone nore from Brave on Mac to Brave on iPhone.

I understand your frustration – but can we back up for a second and approach this more methodically? Your last post mentioned a lot of issues there and I think we can work through all of them with the right information.

  • NTP images
    In one of your replies above, you state “I downloaded my chosen picture from the “design page” through settings.” – can you elaborate on this? There is no “design page” in settings and, further, at this time there’s no way for users to custom set their NTP image natively. So it’s hard to address the issue here when we’re unable to see how you are producing the issue. Can you share a screenshot of the design page you’re describing and where you went to set this custom image?

  • Brave Browser crashing
    This could be caused by many things but again, we need more information before we can diagnose what’s going on. Namely, can you tell me what version of the browser you’re using? I ask because recently, Brave Sync was causing consistent crashes for many users when enabled. As such, we’ve disabled Sync temporarily until an upcoming release when the issue is resolved. This may also be caused by:

    • A conflict with a particular browser extension you have installed. Can you tell me what, if any, extensions you have at this time?
    • Hardware Acceleration can cause the browser to crash or behave undesirably sometimes, depending on the setup of the system it’s run on. Can you try disabling Hardware Acceleration in settings to see if this resolves the issue? You’ll find this in Settings --> Additional Settings --> System --> Hardware Acceleration
  • Unable to show bookmarks as I’m used to from Safari
    Can you be more specific when you say “show bookmarks”? Are you referring to showing the bookmarks toolbar?

    If so, you can enable/disable the toolbar in Settings -->Appearance and adjusting the appropriate settings
    You can also show/hide the toolbar via keyboard shortcut at any time – cmd + shift + b.

  • Sync not working
    :point_up: See my first bullet point above, as it explains that Sync has been temporarily disabled due to an error causing the browser to crash when Sync is enabled. We’re working diligently to get Sync back up and functioning properly.

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Hi Mattches !
Thanks for showing patience to help me through this. My wording at times may be a bit confusing since english is not my native language. Right now I can’t even open it to provide screen shots. I re-installed version

Just rebooted my mac which allowed me to reopen BRAVE.

Hope that screen shot shows my “clean blue” DESIGN I’ve chosen.

THIS is what I see when I open a NEW TAB window. It changes each time I open e new window.

and THIS is how I would like to see my bookmarks as I’m used to see it in SAFARI.

The new tab page images are behaving as intended – they are supposed to shuffle through the list of images pre-packaged w/the browser. If you don’t want to see these images, simply go to the NTP as @Aa-ron showed in his initial image, and toggle off the Show background images and/or Show sponsored images option.

:point_up: I addressed this in my previous reply:

If I toggle off the Show background images and/or Show sponsored images option (which I’ve done several times hoping for a change) , I then only see that purple, pinkish, orange’s color which is I guess the basic setting. I would like to see ONLY the “Clean blue” background color as seen in the design page.

Regarding the bookmarks, I was able to simply drag&drop my fave’s into the toolbar.
Guess my only remaining issue at this time is the background picture.

PS: Any idea when we can import bookmarks onto our iPhone’s ?

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