Designated rewards stuck?


5 months ago, I set up my Brave browser to make monthly tips of 10 BAT to a certain website. I have been seeing this message for quite some time now:

As far as I’m aware, the website has been verified to receive Brave Rewards for a while now, which I tested with a 5 BAT one-time tip today, which appears to have gone through instantly? :

Now i’m quite confused. From reading other threads, it seems like we receive BAT payouts from ads on the 5th, and content creators receive tips on the 8th? How did I receive 5 BAT today (the 8th) and the tip processed instantly while tips that have been waiting 5 months are still waiting?

Thank you very much for any clarification you can offer. I’m not upset or anything, just VERY confused.

Hello again, it’s been about 24 hours so I thought I’d follow up again since it seems that this thread hasn’t even been noticed yet.

Please see “How tips work in Brave Rewards”
Make sure your friends, family, & fans leave the browser open for a bit after tipping. If they close too early, it will retry on reopen but if they aren’t a regular browser user that could be a while.
As a publisher, you should notice a tip reflected in the Brave Creators Portal after 10 days.

Tips are not processed instantly from user to publisher even if it appears that way one time.

What I’m asking is: why will my One-time tips go through to this publisher, but my monthly contributions won’t? They are verified.

Thanks for reaching out. Apologies but I need to clarify a few things before we move forward.

:point_up: When you say this, you are referring to monthly, recurring tips here – as opposed to donating to a site (every month) via your auto-contribution table, is that correct? In addition, was all 50BAT (that’s currently “stuck”) going to the same site or was it dispersed over a couple?

Hi Mattches, no problem. Thanks for taking the time to help.

I am referring to recurring monthly tips, NOT Auto-contribute.
They were all made to the same site. I established a recurring tip of 10 BAT per month, so the pending 50 = 5 months if my math is correct.

I was able to send a one-time tip to that same website, and it appears to have processed, while all 5 recurring monthly tips remain stuck to this day.

Thanks again!!!

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If you don’t mind, can you tell me what site you donated to so I can take a look on my end? If this is something you’d rather keep private/not reveal – no problem, just exhausting all my resources. Let me know.

Additionally I’ve reached out to some Rewards team members for further input.
Thank you for your patience.

So I think that your recurring tips issue may be related to this:

I know that Rewards team is working hard on getting this (these) particular issues hammered out. You’re likely to see your recurring tips sent/reflected on the site in question by next payout date.

Hello again, thanks for both of your responses! I have nothing to hide, the website is

As for your 2nd post -
Currently all unverified Publisher contributions are stuck on the browser edge. However, if any of those publishers sign up, the retries for such held contributions is not retried.”

This sounds exactly like what I’m experiencing. Maybe knowing the website I am trying to tip will tell you otherwise, but I think you found it. If the Rewards team is aware of the issue and is actively working to fix it, then I must just continue to be patient I suppose. I’d be happy to give them details of my experience if it assists them with pinpointing and patching this bug.


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Hi again, It is almost the next payout date and I still haven’t seen any movement. Should I be concerned?

Edit: Just took a look at the progress on the Github page and I see that a solution has been committed and is awaiting release with the next Brave update (i presume) so forget I said anything.

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