Design + some functionallity

Hello Brave community!

This beta version is looking brilliant; much more appealing to the eye.

My only feedback so far would be to have more circular shapes (in similarity to the new google chrome UI which looks beautiful and modern).

In addition, I would also like to have the option, just like in the old browser, to select if my browsing data etc is deleted after closing the tab/browser.

Finally, when visiting websites, I would like to see in the address bar the https:// to give me peace of mind instead of having to click on the ‘lock’. Alternativetly, have the lock change colour dependant if it’s a safe/uncertain/unsafe website.

Apologies in advance if this post is similar to others.

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Hi Bob!

Appreciate the kind words and feedback!
As for your question about clearing browsing data, you can do this by going to Settings --> Privacy and Security --> Cookies --> Content Settings --> Cookies and toggle this option on isue

I actually just answered the question about showing the secure address:

I just discovered Brave and its a really good browser! The only thing that makes it difficult for me to use it as my main browser is the dashboard. In Opera you can save websites to the dashboard so when you start up you’re one click away from your favorite sites. This a better way to handle bookmarks in my opinion because than you have a cm more screen space which makes a huge difference. It would be nice if we could put bookmarks visually on the dashboard instead of under the search bar. But so far great work can’t wait for more! Image as example

Hi @Tobaccomeister!
Thanks for the kind words! A couple things in response:
Brave Beta offers full extension support. There are many browser extensions that allow you to customize your new tab page/dashboard. Until we implement our design changes to our dashboard (more on this below), you can use one of these as a workaround to keep yourself browsing productively.

As for Brave’s new tab page implementation, I recently addressed another users concerns about the design/functionality of the dashboard:

Your welcome. work in progress. You are awesome

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Book marks are staying.

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