Deposit address not changing for multiple accounts

I have multiple ETH accounts in the same wallet. When I select Deposit, then ETH network, it shows me an address and a QR code for one of my accounts. When I switch to a different account using the selector above the QR code, the QR code and the address don’t change. They still show the other account’s QR and address.

Using Brave v 1.66.110 on Linux Mint 21.3

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@Evan123 I’m not too familiar with this. Any ideas on whether this is expected or why they might be having issues?

@veggar I guess I should also ask, are you still having this problem?

Thanks a lot for your reply @Saoiray.

Yes, still happening. Here are some screenshots, 3 different accounts but same address.

Should I file this as a bug?


I’m hoping @Evan123 will be following up with you but since hasn’t responded to tag yet, I’m also going to tag in @kdenhartog to see if he might be able to pop in and bring some clarity here.

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Thank you! I am able to replicate this issue and have reported it.

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@veggar , The fix has been applied here:

Thanks for filing the issue @Evan123