Delta/eToro Promotion Ad

There is no ‘brave://version’ on iOS but I’m using Version 1.20 ( Also the tone of the “read this before you post” text was pretty condescending for something that was like, wrong. Maybe work on being a bit less hostile – people are here because they want this project to succeed.

Anyway, is anyone else using Brave on iOS constantly getting the Delta ad that leads to a promotion for eToro? I understand that there’s bound to be quite a bit of ad repetition since this is a pretty new project, but my issue is that it just doesn’t seem to work. I can download the apps and create accounts on Delta and eToro but eToro doesn’t seem to actually support transferring funds in any way, so like, how do you buy crypto? Maybe this is just me, and apologies if this is a duplicate topic but the above-mentioned wall of text apparently aimed at someone who is using the internet for the first time didn’t exactly motivate me to check through all the other posts.

Sorry for the snark and negative tone, it’s just been one of those weeks. Any feedback would be appreciated.

I’m not sure if I get what you mean. You are complaining about some crypto website that is not working as it is supposed to do. And you were referred to it by clicking on an ad in Brave. Did I understand you correctly?

In this case I would say that this is not Brave’s problem. Brave gets paid for showing ads. But the companies booking ads are solely responsible for the services offered. There is nothing Brave can get involved with.

So my suggestion would be: Just ignore the ads or try to get in contact with the website itself.

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