"Deleting private data" closes your open tabs. WHY?

This makes NO SENSE. There is no indication that it would do so. I was trying to clear some location permissions I didn’t mean to accept, but the oly thing I found that would be close to that was clearing private data. Out of nowhere, I’m surprised with all my 20+ tabs closed in an instant, with of course no history to take them from. There should be AT LEAST an indicator that such thing would occur,

@LnZi welcome to the community. Could you give a detailed account of what happened.
please if you can follow this guideline it would really help.

I’m assuming you used the menu options found in Settings --> History --> Clear browsing data, correct? If so, can you tell me what data you selected to be cleared?

I read through all the options and none matched exactly what I was looking for, but I just thought that clearing cookies and cache would clear what I wanted. I selected all of them because saved logins could be related and history I thought was just the past history, not the actual open tabs. It really should not be.

Please note that clearing Cookies and other site data would, in fact, cause you to lose any open tabs you had. This is because the browser stores session data in the cache and this includes Last tabs data.

If you were to perform the same operation in Chrome (or any browser) you’d see the same results.

Can we be better than Chrome then and have an indicator that such thing would happen? I don’t blame you for deleting it, but if I were to know it I could have saved the pages before doing so.