Deleting old usernames

Hi, first - I hope I have posted this in the right place, Im not familar with this forum. So please excuse me if Ive posted in the wrong place.

So as I have become a bit more privacy aware…I moved away from other browsers and started using brave. When I came to log in to my new proton malil account, I found I was offered the option of several old accounts and some not even from proton mail.

I would like rid of these old logins but dont know where the information is being stored.
I have looked in " Autofill and Passwords " nothing there due to my 'strict monitoring ’ of cookies

I have cleared my browsing data…including " Browsing history " and " cookies and other site data "

I have even deleted all that same kind of data from my old browsers I no longer use incase brave was using their data.

But NOTHING seems to get rid of these logins…

I have searched my ENTIRE hard disk for the domain names and the usernames of these accounts. Again NOTHING shows up.

Please do you guys have any idea where this info maybe stored. Your help would be very appreciated. I have included an image of said multiple login suggestions, just in case that might give a hint as to what kind of info this is.

Many thanks


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