Deleted Bookmarks in one profile and they also deleted in my 2nd profile

  1. I have one profile on my computer for work, one for personal.
  2. I opened my personal one and started going through and deleting all the bookmarks that I only use while working.
  3. This morning when I started working, I opened the work profile, and the bookmarks are set up the way my personal account is set up. All my work bookmarks are gone.

When I go look in my personal profile, the bookmarks are the same. So I know I didn’t just accidentally have the wrong profile open.

Brave Version: v1.52.129 (Jun 28, 2023)

Type of devices currently running on the Sync chain in question: Windows 10 computer. Also sync’d to my IOS device.

Additional Information: I haven’t opened my laptop since this happened. If I turn off sync on my desktop before I open the laptop, will it prevent it from pushing across to the laptop?

If so, how can I then separate out the business bookmarks so I can:
a) sync from laptop to desktop to restore last settings
b) keep personal profile on desktop from changing during that sync
c) make sure personal and business profiles don’t affect each other

Thanks in advance for the help.