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Hi Guys:
New to Brave, but love it so far. Wondering how I delete my search history? When I center my cursor in a search window, my last 5 searches come up-which happen to be items I’m looking at for my wife’s birthday. Any idea how to delete that?


@Sgt_Rock can you provide more info about your issue?


Click in the address bar and start typing some of the search query you’d like to delete. When you see it appear as a suggestion, use the arrow keys to highlight the specific result(s) you’d like to delete. Then, press shift + ctrl + del (shift + fn + del on macOS) while that result is highlighted to delete it.

Please let me know if any of the above is unclear.

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Thx for this tip. If you only want to delete something specific, starting to type just that word/phrase will bring it up. I wanted all suggestions gone, since my old browsers never acted like this and I thus found it irritating. I found that only a certain number of suggestions came up to be deleted. Once I deleted them and reloaded the site, a new set of suggestions came up. I continued to delete, reload, delete until no more suggestions remained.

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