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I normally use Brave on 2 computers, and occasionally on my mobile phone. I recently upgraded my computers (from 32x to 64x) and now it shows me the error that I have exceeded the use of connected devices. They are the same equipment that I use regularly (Home and Work), but the platform detects them as additional devices. With one of them I can receive rewards, and with another not. I have tried to register in the Gemini wallet, but it does not work in my country.

Uphold unfortunately only allows 4 max lifetime slots. This includes the instances you mentioned in your case… Not really a whole lot you can do unfortunately especially since Gemini is not supported for you. Only thing you can do is at least still use the devices that still work and wait until any new custodians come available for brave rewards. Unfortunately this will probably be quite some time.

“Brave unfortunately only allows…”

Fixed the start there for you

Also, why should we wait for more and more custodians. That’s ridiculous.
I have uphold, I use uphold. I want to use 1 and not 500 different places.
What is so hard to let people manage their “devices” that are connected. That is beyond me.
Why is there an arbitrary 4 lifetime device limit in which devices are permanently saved up and you change 1 thing you count as a new device without any means to delete the old dead “device” in the first place…
There is no argument that can be made to justify this horrendous system as it is.

Some people refresh their PCs every 1-3 months. It doesn’t matter how many custodians they add. This problem will always appear.

They need to fix the system as is. There is no excuse. More and more posts about it coming up from people having this issue.

@steeven is this still being worked on and what is the status about the device limits?

No one’s happy about it. But this is only thing we can do. I’m stuck on a dinosaur computer made in 09 that I can’t upgrade due to this.

Yes, I can understand … maybe Brave could put a downtime, and automatically disconnect them … maybe 90 days without activity … Anyway, per month it would send you the rewards and the balance of the device would be at 0. So at least, after 3 months, you could add a “new” device (being the same device). I dont depend on the income generated in Brave xD but it feels bad to be stuck in the system. Thanks for your comments.

It’s definitely something everyone wants. Brave / Uphold needs to fix this. I’m sure with their tech jobs they replace computers annually. So it should not be foreign that people reinstall / buy new equipment. I think the main problem is stopping people from cheating the system owning 20 accounts tied to friends or family members etc contributing . We need to remember this won’t change over night. But In the long haul this will probably change one day.

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