Delete cookies + history when private tabs close


Currently, when closing private tabs, cookies and history are retained even when all private tabs are closed. I understand that this may be a feature (is it?) and not a bug, but it defeats the entire purpose of private tabs (to not store cookies or history!) Private cookies/history are cleared when you quit the browser and restart, but this can be a real pain: often I work with several windows with a dozen tabs each spread across multiple Mac desktop spaces to keep state of multiple projects. I also do not have any other reason to restart the browser except if there is an update.

So: can you at least make it an option (and perhaps even the default) to delete cookies + history when private tabs are closed?

This pertains mostly to desktop but apparently it effects the mobile browsers also. It is actually easier to open a private window in an entirely different browser than to bother with Bravo private tabs, and that’s a bit crazy considering Bravo is so privacy focused.


Hi @adrian

There is an issue logged for this which you can track below. I am closing this thread, please open new threads for any other items you would like to request. Thanks for your feedback!


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