Delete Browsing history contain a specific term in bulk

l am looking for a function to delete only the pages in my browsing history that contain a specific term, or to be able to select them in bulk from the overview instead of selecting each one individually for deletion.

I found a way to select them all at once using Ctrl + A.

@GerEngi both things you are mentioning already exist.

You know the image on the upper right? While you’re in History, click on it and it shifts to the left, but will say

Type in phrase you are looking for it and it looks at anything in your history containing that word. For example:

Check the first box, then hold Shift and click the bottom box. It will select everything in between.

Yeah, that works too if you want to select all of them. Otherwise other option lets you be able to select in bulk but easily omit certain things you might want to keep.

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