Delete *ALL* cookies on exit *except* allowed list?

Description of the issue:
I log into approximately 3 sites on a daily basis but I end up collecting probably hundreds of cookies for crap I’ve visited.

How can I configure brave to delete ALL cookies, except those on the allowed list?

I seem to have to use Cookie Auto Delete extension because brave seems to lack this most basic of privacy features. Selecting cookies from the “On Exit” tab just trashes everything. I’d like to maintain my few required cookies, but I cannot figure out how that is possible.

Steps to Reproduce (add as many as necessary): 1. 2. 3.
Not really a bug, more a question of if its possible at all or am I missing something obvious in the settings.

Operating System and Brave Version(See the About Brave page in the main menu):
WIN 10
Version 1.10.97 Chromium: 83.0.4103.116 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Additional Information:
This seems like table stakes, I can’t understand why its not possible or if it is it should be easier to configure.

If you go to Settings --> Privacy/Security --> Site/Shields settings --> Cookies, you can manually add sites to the Allow list.

Are you saying that if you do this, and then set data to be erased [On exit], that it will remove even the cookies in the Allow list?

i have sites on the allowed list (screenshot below), but it doesnt make a difference, selecting “cookies and other site data” in “Clear Browsing Data > On exit” trashes everything including allowed.

is that meant to happen? I want to delete everything EXCEPT allowed. Like a wildcard for “Clear on exit”, that respects allowed list.

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all my other settings, fwiw:


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Thank you – upon further inspection it appears that you’re right. I’ll be opening a feature request to add this functionality into the browser on our Github by the end of the day. I’ll return here and link you to the relevant issue when it’s up. Appreciate your patience and for bringing this to our attention.

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oh thank god, i thought i was going mad.

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Also, now that I think about it…

i just noticed that android version doesnt have an “on Exit” tab.

If android had a way to trash all but a few cookies on closing the browser, i could stop using both chrome (i use for sites to sign in and maintain cookies)

AND i could stop using firefox focus (i use for opening links im sent, news and other crap so it bins everything as soon as i close it) in one go.

Instead I never bother using Brave on android as it offers the same options as everything else, keep all cookies (chrome), or no cookies(firefox focus).

I cannot actually fathom how this isnt core functionality. Its your main competitive edge over chrome. Make it easy to browse with only SOME cookies, thats all I want.

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This is a feature that is needed so much. Me too I want only to keep specific cookies and clear anything else.
Does cleaning out cookies also deletes extension cookies in Brave?
I am asking because some extension like LastPass set cookies to keep you logged in.
It is not desired to get logged out of LastPass every time the browser gets closed. Furthermore Lastpass has its own timed mechanism to delete its cookies after some time, so there is no need nor is it desired that the browser deletes those cookies.
So i would request to extend the feature request in a way that it should be possible to add extension cookies to the list of allowed cookies so they don’t get deleted on exit.


i did some searching on github to see what the story was with this on android…

3 years its been requested. brave has the priorities all wrong. privacy before BAT please. i don’t care about wallets that don’t work, id like a nice private browser first.

once you have the basics, then you can replace the world of advertising. but without cookie hygiene, youre no better than google chrome.


is this gonna go ahead orrr…?

Oops – thats my bad. I did open the feature request I just didn’t return here to link you to it. Sorry about that. The issue can be found here:


I hope this will be fixed soon… P4 looks like it will take some month or years. I want google and pornhub to be cleared but I do not want to be logged off from dropbox!

Oh, ok, I ve installed the extension “Cookie Autodelete”, it does exactly what I need.