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Can someone else tell me how I am able to delete my account, as I have not used this browser in two years due to lack of support I needed, lack of replies, and false advertising, can someone please inform me how I may delete my account, delete the browser and ensure that all connections between me and this brower are erased?

Delete the browser like you delete any other software. Go to the apps icon in start menu and right click. Click uninstall, and you’re done. As far as this forum is concerned, drop a post on the account deletion thread. They’ll delete your community forum account.

Strong words there. Sad to see you go – if you’d like to run your issues by me before you leave we can try and get them sorted out as it’s likely a misunderstanding. However, to delete your account you can submit a request here. To delete the browser, as @divyansh101dabral states, delete it like you would any other application.

I know how Jason feels. Been using Brave ff and on since 2018 and it has been frustrating at times and I came darn close several times axing Brave off all my systems here.

The reason I want to remove this app and delete my account is frankly because the syncing (which i asked for help and never got any for in the 5 months I used this browser) didn’t work, the fact my themes keep resetting and frankly when I asked for support, on a subject that is now closed because of how it is, I got help from a random person as support refused to get back to me, refused to message me even after they asked me too, a week after I asked for help, and then when I did message them, they never replied, now I can live with bugs, I know at the time the browser was newish, but to be left hanging and abandoned, frankly it ruins the experience when you ask someone for help and they raise your hopes thinking they will only for nothing to happen and at the end, no one helps. Those were my biggest issues, own this is actually the smallest out of all my issues, I was told this was an ad free, safe and fast browser, safe it may be, but fast and ad free, it is not, I used this browser for a few months as I said before, and then I gave up and actually had to use another, I downloaded this at the time when I desperately needed a second browser, and when I found brave I thought that it was the perfect browser for the job, I had really high hopes, frankly it just let me down hard, it was meant to be my browser for fun, to do all my none worked related stuff, so syncing was important, so when that doens’t work and support refuses to help, kind of makes it difficult to want to stay with this browser. Was this a rant? Oh most definitely but you did say I used strong words and now you can see why

He did say strong not harsh so I corrected

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I said strong words, not harsh :slight_smile:
Either way completely understandable – you expected something from a product that didn’t deliver and when you asked for help no one came to your aid and you felt ignored. I would probably feel exactly the same way and don’t blame you for ranting or wanting to uninstall the browser all together.

I apologize for your threads/questions getting lost in the shuffle – we get thousands of new threads each month just here on Community alone and simply don’t have enough staff to assist everyone as effectively as we would like to. We appreciate your understanding here.

That said, I do notice that within the rant was not a re-confirmation to delete the app/account, just that you want to. There seem to be quite a few issues to unpack there but you do have my attention now and I’m happy to assist you with any/all of them if you’d like. Typically we would parse each issue out into different threads but given how long you had to wait let’s just try and solve them here. I will need to ask for a good amount of additional information surrounding the issues.

From what I can tell, you seem to be encountering at least the following issues:

  1. Sync not working – can you elaborate a bit on this for me? What exactly is the behavior you’re seeing, which devices/OS are you trying to Sync across?
  2. Your themes are resetting – What themes are you using, exactly? Are you referring to 3rd-party themes that you install in the browser or are you talking about the built-in themes/colors provided by Brave? Do you know what causes them to change/when they change?
  3. "fast and ad free, it is not" – So it sounds like you’re experiencing some general performance issues and are perhaps seeing ads on websites that you feel should be blocked. Can you elaborate on the performance issues and, additionally, tell me where you see ads not getting blocked (URLs would be great if possible so I can test myself)?

I do apologize again for the frustration and the lack of support you received. I hope you can trust me when I say it was entirely unintentional and that we are doing our best here to help as many users as possible. If you haven’t uninstalled the browser and want to troubleshoot the above issues with me I’m more than happy.

If it’s too late and you’re already over it, just say the word and I’ll wave my hand and delete your Community account.

I feel your pain, @Jason sir – unfortunately, in a sea of Chrome/Chromium clones, Brave browser stands out as being just too good to leave behind. I would urge caution and continued patience as the browser explodes in popularity (i’m currently caught in the same/similar holding pattern, although my issues are less technical).

Regardless, i wish you the best of luck and success, sir. Stay safe out there.

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Tbh I do appreciate you coming out and talking to me about this, that being said though, it is disheartening to know that me saying this is what it takes to get attention, I will say though that I will not be deleting my account because of you and what @peatrick said, on that note though, I will only be keeping the account to be kept up to date on what is happening with this browser, as I said, I don’t mind a few bugs but when the one thing I needed the most is broken and then I don’t get support and when I do, I get ignored once again, it does put a stain on ones trust, I understand you are understaffed and I don’t hold that against you, but the thing was, I was messaged and asked to explain my issue or message personally and I did both just for once again nothing to happen, I did message a few times and still nothing happened, that’s when a random user helped me with this conversation following

"Fine but I dont know why they couldnt have just said that, heck I even remember asking you a while back as well and you never replied, so thank you for replying and actually explaining, in my defense I have searched and have seen hundreds of issues ignored or promised help with no results, I myself have even tried to ask developers and they never replied even when they had actually spoken to me previously

My bad! I found that thread where we had previously talked about it. I figured brave admins would be able to give you a more detailed response on that specific response,… "

I do want to finish by saying as for the 3 issues, please don’t stress anymore as like I said I have moved to another browser to be my backup, and again I would like to you not to delete my account if only to keep up to date but I am sorry to say that this browser has lost my trust until I am 100% certain that most of the issues are fixed, the top in my opinion being support or there lack of and the syncing.

For the record I had 4 seperate requests on this subject asking for helping and it was the 4th where the random helped me

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I’m just one guy, but there was a period through ~2018 where Brave Sync went through a very difficult period, my chain got borked and 40% of the time i opened the browser i would be presented with duplicate & triplicate favorites, to the point where I was forced to disable the sync chain entirely and export an HTML file to the cloud for distribution to my various Brave instances across multiple platforms (Windows, Linux, Android) and devices.

To this day it has morphed my browsing habits, for better or worse. I tend to keep things completely siloed; Brave browser for personal (desktop + mobile), M$ Edge Chromium for work (win desktop) and FF Focus for quick mobile searches on the go. YMMV. At a certain point it’s purely personal preference, but browsers have become such an intimate part of our daily lives, it’s so important to get something that checks all the boxes for your personal needs and specific use-cases (be it performance, features, customization, et cetera).

Very pleased we’ll continue to have the pleasure of seeing you stick around, @Jason. I hope you’ll find it’s worth the growing pains. I can’t even begin to imagine how swamped these guys are. I won’t even try to wager a guess the volume of tickets they’re responding to on a daily basis, but hopefully they’ll continue to find efficiencies in their support pipeline to enhance and focus their efforts. I, too, have been waiting (not always so patiently) – my original issue stems back to February of this year, but it’s only been <week since my most recent support request. I’m already getting way off topic.

If i may be so bold as to inquire what you have chosen to replace Brave as your daily driver, @Jason sir? I got excited about Vivaldi once upon a time, but my needs are fairly basic and I have no real desire to highly customize my browser experience, i appreciate all the features Brave builds in right out of the box, pairs well with some network level ad-blocking / DNS blacklisting.

Unfortunately I don’t know how to restore your trust in Brave, that is a very personal thing, but you may find this podcast interview with Brendan Eich to be informative and hopefully entertaining, as well. There are clips online if you don’t want to invest nearly 3 hours. Please take care, be safe.

No hard feelings and again I completely understand. I will keep your account open and hope that you do continue to check in as we have many exciting features and plans for Brave’s future.

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