Delay in redisplaying one of multiple tabs

About a month ago I started noticing a certain issue. While working with multiple tabs (up to 10), one of the tabs takes a noticeable delay to redisplay itself when I switch back to it, up to 2-3 seconds. It is quite annoying because I need to switch back to it quite often.

No, the page in this tab doesn’t play videos or music.
No, I don’t use “pinned tabs”. I don’t even know what it is.

Usually the tab in question is the 1st tab and it is loaded with this site: (and a few others, which I cannot list here, due to your restrictions (up to 4 links to a new user))

The following tabs (which never manifest any delay in redisplaying) are:

  4. A site I cannot list here due to your restrictions

The next tab, which does manifest a certain delay in redisplaying itself when being switched back to, is loaded with the site which I cannot list here due to your restrictions. The delay here is noticeable but shorter as that of the 1st tab.

The next tabs (which never manifest any delay in redisplaying) are again the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th tabs.

When I empty Brave’s cache; restart the phone; let the phone stay overnight, the problem seems to disappear – alas, only for a few initial switches between the tabs!

The Brave version is:
Brave 1.0.95 Chromium 74.0.3729.157

The OS is:
Android 7.1.1

The smartphone is:
MI MAX 2 Build/NMF26F

Brave will automatically unload a page from memory when Device memory is low.
After this happens and user activates unloaded tab, Brave will try to load the page from cache.

First we need to find out what the problem is.
Please check if there is a program that takes a lot of memory and close it before using Brave with so many tabs.

Another issue could be that cpu usage is very high and that Brave can not perform the tab switch in timely manner. Please, check cpu usage.

Thank you for your reply

The CPU usage is around 30% most of the time. The RAM usage is about the half of the entire 4Gb. Apart from the system services, there are no applications running; In general, I don’t like applications and prefer to do everything via browser.

I closed all the tabs but four, yet the problem persists. As I already mentioned, the problem is relatively recent and prior to it everything was runnig smoothly.

Now I opened Chrome with a similar choice of sites – in 20 tabs. (this is in addition to the 4 tabs already opened by Brave and supposedly overloaded CPU and RAM). And this browser, with all its running ads and behind-the-scenes, runs smoother than smoothest…