Delay in payment of my brave reward

Hello friends and fellow Brave users, I have a few months on the platform and coincidentally this month of December where I should have received the payment for the month of November 2020, I have not received payment yet. In a time when income is sorely needed. I have been wondering why there are so many problems at the time of payment and I think it is due to the delayed payment of the advertisers? Advertisers will be aware of this situation? Setting a payment date and then not meeting it says a lot about a company that claims to be serious and even more so when it has allies whose image is also affected. I sincerely appreciate that this situation is resolved. In the same way that since yesterday there are no ads. In the forum there are hundreds of cases, this cannot continue, because although Brave Browser is an excellent application, users install it and use it with the premise of receiving an additional benefit. My name is Yuleidy Lopez I am Venezuelan with this I hope you understand my situation. email:
I express myself this way because my Brave Community account is suspended.

Greetings Brave Browser payments as a result of so many users to pay, a series of payment queues is generated which, through the payment process, users are receiving their payment, as there are so many users the queue may take a while. Payment processes are activated on Day 8 and until all Transfers are completed you will not receive yours, but your payment is on its way, be patient that the technology of Servers and payment processing may take a while.

The payment process is in the payment period, be patient and it will arrive, more than a million users are in the payment queue, the process may take a while but all users will receive their payment in due time, we are in business days , If you want to know how the Payment Period is going, do not miss the payment updates from the Official Article: December 2020 Publishers Payout Thread

Brother, but the problem is for those who receive earnings through advertisements and to date nothing has yet arrived, I am one of those many who have not received the payment yet. We just have to wait?


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