Default windows screen recording issue

When I record meetings in google meet through windows default screen recorder (i.e Win+Alt+R), the screen is recorded but the audio is not recorded and previously when I was using google chrome I was not facing this issue. I am using the latest version of Brave and my windows version is 21H1 OS build - 19043.1081

Thank you for reaching out to us.
I’m curious, is it only Google Meet that fails to record the audio or is it any website? For example, if you were to go to and watch a video and record some portion of it, does the audio from the YT video come through on the Windows recording or does it get cut out like when recording Google Meet sessions?

This happens not only in the google meet website it happens in all the websites even in Youtube, it does not record the system sounds itself. All the permissions have been given to all the websites but still, I am facing the same issue.

So when I was testing this, I also through I was seeing the same issue as you. However, I found that I needed to adjust the Windows recording feature settings to get it to work. Since the browser is not a “game”, the default setting for recording audio won’t get what you want.

Instead, hit Win + G to open the Windows game bar, click the “gear” icon to open Settings, then Capturing on the left-side menu. Here, under Audio to record, select All.

Now when using this feature, it should capture all sound regardless of source.


Thank you for the solution. Now I am able to record even the audio of any website. Thank you so much.

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