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How might I go about trying to add my search engine, , to Brave’s list of default search providers?

I run an independent web search engine with about 5B pages indexed. It uses its own ranking algorithm, etc. It’s been around about 20 years and is pretty decent. Actually you mention it here, Gigablast, in your blog post: where you say

“The Gigablast interface looks decidedly outdated; in part, that’s because the browser has been around since 2002. Gigablast uses its own index of web pages to perform searches - it doesn’t repackage results from Google or Bing. It also promises to keep your data private.”

Also it’s on wikipedia:



I put Gigablast on home button, my predefined search engine is Presearch, and Brave Search on bookmarks bar. It’ll be great to have Gigablast on mobile aettings as well.

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First of all , you are mostly welcome to our community!
This is very simple more especially if you are using Brave; on the Brave search line bar; all you need to do is to just press a “plus-sign button”; it will open a new search platform for you; then you type your website. By doing so; it will be automatically pinned on! That’s all, that’s how you will enjoy Brave.

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Link to open source on git-hub. I wouldn’t use Wikipedia as a variable source.


Your search engine? Why not community based?

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