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Hi, everyone.

Have a question I hope has an easy answer, which so far eludes me. I created a local static HTML page, and set the Brave browser to open it upon starting, using the “On startup - Open a specific page”. So, when I open Brave, this local HTML page opens up as expected. However, if I open additional tabs on this instance of Brave, this local HTML page is not what is shown, instead, Brave just shows a generic page listing how many trackers and ads have been blocked, etc. In addition, if, while this first instance of Brave remains open I open additional instances of Brave, my local HTML is not open, all I get is the aforementioned generic page.

So, my question is, is there any way that every time I open a new tab and/or additional instances of Brave my local HTML page is opened?

Thanks in advance for any help.

In short, no. Not yet, I believe.

You can try installing extension to override Brave’s New Tab Page.

Too bad, Firefox supports that behavior by defaut. Thanks!!

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