Default google search tab is, in hong kong. Neither my location nor my ip is in hk

As title says, I’m using a vpn to tunnel out of Indonesia. Chrome, fire fox, and opera would take me to brave is persistently changing my to The standard search tab preferences only offer

My language setting is English uk and English.

Would love some help manually changing the default search tab to and not

Hi @Eaedyan

This isn’t what you see when you go to about:preferences#search - you see an entry for google hk?

I’m not sure how it changed to normal, i had the problem literally 2 hours before you posted. As soon as you did the problem resolved itself.

The image for default search tabs is different and i can’t upload pictures from my phone.

On mine the choices included the webmoo link as well
On that page google was listed as google,com/hk

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