Default browser on iOS?


Apparently it’s possible these days to change the default browser on iOS if you disable Safari in Restrictions and the browser is registered to take over WWW URL schemes. Here’s a link about how another browser does it:

Is it possible for this to be done for Brave? I just restricted Safari and links no longer did anything at all, but possibly Brave just needs to register the URL schemes.


Hi @augmentedfourth,

You can’t change default browser on iOS due to Apple’s iOS limitation.

But maybe this one can help



Thanks, @eljuno.

Did you read the link I sent, though? Apparently, if Safari is disabled via Restrictions, another app set to claim the http/https URL schemes can pick them up and act as a default browser. When Safari is present it will definitely be the default, but if it gets disabled another app can claim them (just as the UpTime Web Browser does in the article).

Could you set Brave to be able to act in that way?


Hi @augmentedfourth,

Just wanted to let you know that I’ve circulated this internally and the iOS team has been looking into it. Thanks a ton for this suggestion. We also see your submission on GitHub.



This is really fascinating. Wondered if there were work around likes this. Apple is pretty restrictive of registering common schemes for specific app usages (we attempted something similar for some adblock features). Talking to the product team, we are currently not going to pursue any workarounds like this, until there is a bit more clarification from Apple. Setting a default browser on iOS is explicitly restricted, and hacking around this restriction is not a risk we are currently willing to take.

I hope you understand, and again, thank you for sharing!