Default Browser Improvements



It would be great if y’all could add Start Page ( as a default search engine option. It would also be nice if I could hide the search engine options that I do not use. This should apply to both iOS and OS X operating systems.

Steve J

P.S. Kudos for the LastPass support in Brave. I use it a lot now.

App & Device Version Information:
iOS version [iOS/10.2]
Device: [iPad-SHJ/iPad]
Brave version: [1.2.18 (]


FYI, StartPage is already available as a default search engine on the laptop version. Presumably it wont be long before it’s also available for iOS (which I don’t use myself).


Both of these features are now released! If you go into settings -> general -> Default Search Engine, you will see you can now set your default search to be StartPage, and you can also toggle off unwanted search engines.

Thanks for taking the time to send us this feature request. Please continue to let us know how you would like to see Brave iOS improve.

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