Default add YouTube dislike extension to Brave

YouTube has removed the dislike button and this makes it difficult to track the usefulness of a video. While there are extensions available, not all users are comfortable installing them and they may not respect the privacy of the user. Wonder if Brave could implement a feature to automatically ask if the user would like track YouTube stats for users and shown them to users in safe and private manner.

Actually, this could be expanded to other (video) websites and sites for users that want this feature enable.

The API was removed, so the extensions using hacked dislike counters are living on borrowed time.

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Indeed, but I think one of the extension mentions using their own tracking to show the stats. This may be better served by a trusted third party, I’m suggesting brave but main question here is if this is something brave should tackle.

As helpful as sharing dislike counters, there is also privacy issues here (sharing data with a 3rd-party, even if Brave was doing this). I would vote to keep this as an extension for privacy.

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That is my main concern with current extensions, I don’t know how they operate. I think that with Brave we may have some level of transparency and given the current adoption of Brave the stats could be better aggregated to hide each individual user.