Dedicated Director of community and extension software solutions


Seriously, no offence to any members of the team, every one I’ve replied back to have been brilliant.

Please don’t think this is not because replies are not made sooner, fact is I’m glad of all the replies I’ve gotten from the team, however, I do also think a dedicated Director of the community needs to exist for the foreseeable future and possibly even now so extension/software development can continue efficiently without much constraint for extensions providers.

I suppose current features will be affected such as user review and the number of users using that particular extension. I’m not arguing for those features to be implemented but just voicing that users expectations of extensions are easily met on other browsers where they can easily provided feedback, issue bugs and basically review. The current community page is fine but things related to extensions seems messy as it currently stands. In Brave, users on top of their extensions will have to create a github issue or join the community or feedback directly to the providers, all of which would be taxing not to the user but the team as users continue to log the same issue and to avoid users going on github and issuing feedback, I’m curious are there any plans to counteract this or are you guys okay with that?

Should users always expect an extension update with the next release of a browser update?

Another thing I wanted to mention is, I once indirectly spoke about the need for this because I was curious if in the not too distant future if developers and companies alike would be able to primarily build solutions for Brave or will you expect them to just create a version for FF and Chrome and you’ll help them fork it over if it’s recommended/suggested/requested.

I created this because I’m aware most of the team are capable managing this but it seems you’ll more often than none be more dedicated to other parts of the browser and would prefer not to be bothered and I personally without coming off as a bit brash think will be necessary to meet user and extension providers expectations more efficiently, I’m not demanding it but I think it will be better.



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