Decrypt my passwords from Login Data file

Description of the issue:
I set a new Mac keychain and all my local Brave passwords were removed from the browser even though Brave was not using Keychain passwords.

How can this issue be reproduced?
Make a new keychain in mac with a new password.

Expected result:
Brave passwords should stay the same because they were not connected.

Brave Version( check About Brave):
Version 1.56.14

Additional Information:
I have the passwords still encrypted in the login data file. I am still on the same machine and user as always, but they are not showing up in my browser’s saved passwords.

Any new passwords are added to the login data file with the old passwords, and they do show up as normal in the settings section, but the old ones are not visible in the browser.

Is there a way I can decrypt them locally on my computer? I have seen people mention it can be done with CryptUnprotectData but I haven’t seen any tutorials on how to do this, and I am not sure if that will work on a mac.

I was able to solve this by switching back to the previous Keychain. It took a little bit of moving things around so I will try to explain it as best as possible.

Brave has “Brave Safe Storage” stored in the “login” keychain which I guess holds the key for decrypting passwords. When I created a new “login” keychain a new “Brave Safe Storage” item was created so it could not read the passwords. Luckily I had my old keychain saved so I simply renamed the old one back to login and changed the new one to a temporary name. Once the names were change I restarted brave and all my old passwords were there. I have since exported them to a CSV and am in the process of changing back to the new Keychain. Hope this helps someone.