Decreasing of Bat

I notice my bat is decreasing. Yesterday it was 15.45 usd but now it is 14. I do not know why.

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Did it come back up? If it didn’t I don’t know what happened but sorry for that big loss.

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No it didn’t. It is weird because i clicked so many ads yesterday and it decreased

@Mattches look on this one

Hey, the value of BAT in USD is always fluctuates. It’s something like Trading shares at different times price.

BAT value like all currency fluctuates all day long. In a day you can have BAT being worth $1 each, but by the end of the day it’s $1.25. So if you see it when it’s high, then see it later when low it looks like you lost BAT. You didn’t lose any BAT though, it’s only it’s value has changed.
Keep an eye on how much BAT you have, not how much it’s worth.

The other users here are correct – the value of BAT will fluctuate with the market, just like other crypto currencies. For example, right now BAT is at $1.19/per token according to Uphold, which is down ~5% in the last 24hrs. This explains the difference in est value you’re seeing on your end.

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