Decided to quit brave. It's unfortunate. This browser had potential


After my second update about six months ago, I’ve enjoyed using Brave. I think the more things one does online, and the more do-dads one runs run locally, the more incompatabilities will occur. It’s a vast soup from a well-behavior perspective. The big guys generally don’t fix things faster than the little guys. I do try to keep things simple, not save user info, etc.


Thks for the topic, thought I was nuts for using two browsers for so long I.e. downloads, links. What a relief.


I am a new user to Brave and I have really liked it so far. It has not become my default browser because my imported bookmarks are only visible down to two or three folders deep along the sidebar.

Anyway… v0iD, I was surprised by your reply to Ricksor1987. His post seemed like genuine and constructive feedback, not a s**t post at all. It did not seem personal, nor an attack… just an honest description of a frustrating experience.


He did the right thing. As much as I’ve publicly championed this idea, had owned BAT, and tried using the browser, I quietly gave up on it months ago. What I did doesn’t add value to this community, by quietly giving up and not voicing my concerns. Be grateful that @Ricksor1987 did so in a constructive and detailed manner.


Hi all, just my two bits in relation to the original statement and comment. I concur with @herbnerd maybe things just got a little out of proportion.

I think @Ricksor1987 and @Weilan should know that your views and opinions are valuable and without a doubt, most of the team agrees with the notion behind your underlying issue and remarks made.

I just knew some day we were going to get into this argument which is why I asked for special topic to be pinned a couple of months ago at the top of community indicating the radical change that is about to come with the browser and naturally there will be a few technical faults with their soon to be deprecated fork of Electron - Moun.

I suspect a lot of the issues would be naturally resolved in the transformation to the full Chromium outlook and would actually give the team some resources to focus their attention on more vital problems related to bug, at least I wish.

Regarding your issue with Chromium, to my understanding in terms of reliability and security, it’s either that or Mozilla’s Quantum. Now they don’t want to integrate with Mozilla’s new engine because it’s not mature enough even though it outpaces the standard Chromium browser and Google’s fork of Chromium - Chrome and possibly because of some limitations that may occur in relation to extensions and or other necessary Brave features.
I once created a similar topic related to this, more so specifically about whether there are any chances of Brave integrating Mozilla’s new Quantum if you wanted to check it out Is Mozilla’s Quantum Not An Option Anymore.

In reference to the comment about BATs, someone from the team correct me if I’m wrong but I believe that is sort of client in and of itself, that being said whenever updates are made pertaining to this, it really is noticeable, there’s just a few things back-end causing a couple of errors which I have no doubt will be fixed soon and a few other UI related issues that could perhaps make it more efficient but these have already been requested/reported in Github.

As uBlockOrign user myself I can tell you and I’m sure you’ll agree, limitations of the simple extension is becoming more common place with newer technologies being acquired by many websites to block Ad Blocking technologies and trust me, when Brave implements its AdGraph tech into the their soon to be released Brave-Browser/Brave-Core you’re going to come back to it because it would immediately fix a bunch of issue that are bugging the hell out of many users that have just become accustomed to Brave and know about this transition will best solution.

One final note @Ricksor1987 take it from someone who has arguably experienced more data and had more browser crashes than the QA team or any user in the community, I think most people knew that Brave-Laptop/Brave-Moun was never meant to override your previous browser completely immediately but without a doubt in the coming months with the introduction of Brave-Browser/Brave-Core it will be advanced enough to do so.

I understand you don’t want to use it anymore but just back up your keys for BAT for assurance, I’ll provide a link of the development timeline below, once it’s passed ‘Milestone 5’ which is sooner than you think, test it again and reply back in this/your topic. I’d like to read your response after.

Brave Status Updates


@herbnerd When someone posts for help Call for Help, then seconds later posts this… that was what I was meaning by a “s**t post” Normally when someone asks for help they wait for assistance, yet the OP then decided to post this here and say he was done with everything.


I don’t think I’ve ever had one problem with downloading, have small issues with speed. But this is probably down to our own laptops and internet, not the browser itself.

What is Brave Core?

We welcome any feedback from community, both positive and negative. This kind of feedback helps us learn from our mistakes and make the product better. @Ricksor1987 did bring up a few things that we are working on hard to eliminate them.

@herbnerd We do realize the issue with bookmarks is happening but there are certain other critical issue that needs attention before that is fixed. You would be glad to know that any kind of Bookmarks related issue will be fixed automatically once we move to Brave-Core.

Any kind of healthy conversation is welcome but request everyone on this thread and in general to only stick to providing feedback instead of taking personal jabs at others.



You seem bitter.

With the Internet there seems to be lots of people that write posts out of anger or just try to push their views on others.

This is true, but I wouldn’t say it’s the case here.

Remember people do not care what you think or how you are quitting the browser.

Quite shocked to be reading this. Do you have any authority in Brave or are you just a random user?
I sure hope it’s the latter (based on your response).

Obviously, people’s opinions and experiences with the browser will have at least some kind of effect on it’s popularity and adoption. Disregarding everyone’s opinion is of course a rather stupid idea.

This post seems to be more than just an opinion, too.
Rather than just quit and be done with it, the OP has taken their time to come here and explain why they are quitting and reasons behind it, in the hopes that these issues can be addressed which can then in turn prevent others quitting for the same reasons.
I dunno about you, but as a developer this is extremely valuable and I wish more people would do this.
So, thank you @Ricksor1987 :slight_smile:

This is by no means a “shit post” as you suggest, @v0iD. If anything your reply is the only shitpost here :sweat_smile:


Just to reiterate the words of @sriram:

We welcome any feedback from community, both positive and negative. This kind of feedback helps us learn from our mistakes and make the product better.

It is possible to express negative feedback without being offensive and rude. Constructive criticism is helpful, name calling and profanity is not. This community is intended to be a welcoming space for all.

Not all reported issues can be addressed immediately. Issues and requests are prioritized by the respective teams and incorporated into the product as time allows. Anyone familiar with software development can attest, sometimes these items do not move at a pace that is fast enough for some - this is the nature of the beast.

So while all community members are welcome and encouraged to report bugs, for those who are frustrated that items are not being resolved in what they might consider a timely manner, I suggest you check out this thread: When will (any subject) happen?