Decided to quit brave. It's unfortunate. This browser had potential


I just thought I’d let your team know I’ve decided to stop using brave. I originally punted this browser to everyone I know. You could argue that this is free software, and it is. However I was a largely hoping to start investing in things like brave payments.

I decided not to after using this browser and really enjoying it.

Some major reasons:

  1. You guys depend too much on chromium and their release cycles and bugfixes &
  2. Your critical bugs just seem to be lingering.

A good example of this is the issue here:

There are a lot of people who just currently can’t download at all . This is a highly severe problem, having my browser crash every single time I click a download link. I logged a bug like others over two weeks ago and its just sitting there. I understand that as a company you’ve got a lot to do. But when as a consumer I can’t even download anything and have to use a seperate browser everytime I do its a problem.

This coupled with some other large defects around Tor, checkbox rendering and other things where I can’t experience sites how I should has become problem.

I loved the idea of an adblocker but it just doesn’t hold up either. I switched back to another browser and plugged in uBlock origin and am now at peace again. Unfortunately now I can’t support sites in a more meaningful way.

Too bad though, I really thought you guys had great potential, but what’s currently released isn’t usable for me and several others I chat to.

Hope you manage to get it right. Best of luck.


@Ricksor1987 I replied to your post about Brave not working. Provided you some info about uninstalling completely. So that you can reinstall it.

Reading this post though guess you have moved on. One thing that makes no sense is that you said, " decided not to after using this browser and really enjoying it." Unclear what you intended to say.

With the Internet there seems to be lots of people that write posts out of anger or just try to push their views on others. Do you really think that your post adds anything of value? Or is it just a “s**t post”? Your issue could be actually be “your issue” and not related to Brave at all and just an issue with corrupted install or OS related. In the future when you post think if it adds value or if its just your personal thoughts like above. Remember people do not care what you think or how you are quitting the browser. ( I cared because I replied to your post for help)


It’s quite simple. I cared enough about the product to provide feedback about my experiences.

I’m not happy with my experiences. I couldn’t use your browser for weeks in my day to day life. It’s clear others are facing similar issues.

I might have been ignored or I might have been thinking about posting for a while and I did so since in my own day to day I’ve considered all feedback valuable.

I raised this in seeing potential and noting why the situation is severe enough for me to unfortunately be unable to continue but also being clear that I can’t use it in my day to day

We agree then, that my views are not valuable and my opinions (although negative) will not be addressed.

The great thing about attacking character and not addressing the underlying reason of what’s said is you don’t have to ever look at the root cause. In my case someone who really wanted to contribute and use a product they were originally passionate about. I had not much to gain from this other than hopefully contributing what I considered a valid challenge which was toned with future potential, what I felt you gained was insight into customer frustration into your product.

Guess I’ll continue “shit posting” from your competitors browser as I have been forced to for weeks, since it’s not stable enough for me ( and certain others) to be able to use.

With a response like above it is quite clear the stance is “shut up and take it”.

I’m quite glad I posted this actually. Hopefully others will now see this and think twice about becoming part a brave user since your stance is clear.

Unfortunately I can’t get my BAT back it’s a calculated loss at this point.

I wish you and @LaurenWags the best.

  1. What is wrong with this open-source project? I know you could build a new, but that takes a long time, as far as I know. I can see why they would go with Chromium, now that it is available.
  2. What is wrong here?


I stopped using Brave too, the Andeoid version (for now). Maybe if they fix it, I could go back.

My issue was articles on didn’t load the expand arrows for sections of the article. Only after disabling the content blocker it would look fine, but then I had to deal with the ads, so it kinda defeats the purpose of having a content blocker in the first place, doesn’t it?

Also the content blocker isn’t very effective as some ads still pass through and popups still open as if there is nothing stopping them. The popup blocker needs to be so strong that it lets absolutely no popups through and instead displays a notification that a popup(s) have been blocked and a button you can press to open them.

For what Brave is being advertised - blocking ads, trackers and whatever, it really does one lousy job. On PC I can just install Chrome or Firefox, install uBlock Origin, Popup Blocker Strict and Privacy Badger and I achieve the same experience, only better. Brave also doesn’t allow you to install extensions, so I must say it’s one gimped ass experience at this point. Hopefully in the future they will improve this experience or fade away into obscurity. This project feels a lot like Vivaldi - they are both making the same mistkes. They do whatever they feel is right, care only for their fanboys and act defensively and passive aggressive toward everyone who isn’t smothering them with lovey dovey compliments on what a fantastic job they are doing with their gimped ass browsers.

Vivaldi has 6 months old bugs they don’t fix and when you call them out on it they jump you like hyenas or act as if they don’t know anything about it. Here is the same situation - bunch of stuck up people who can’t take criticism, because they feel they’re doing gods’ work.


I also quit Brave on the desktop. I still use it on mobile. My reasons for quitting on the desktop is because the browser constantly hangs on install on Windows 7 Professional, SP1. I have reported the problem repeatedly and saw others too had similar problems. It’s been months, many updates and the problem still exists, so I uninstalled the application.


You could just upgrade to Windows 10 :joy:


@Ricksor1987 Sorry to hear that you are not going to use Brave. We know the crash issue has been reported and the team is investigating a fix for it.

Since its based on Chromium we are dependent on their release cycles but we keep it updated as soon as they release. We do however only take the changes required for Brave and not everything so this is the reason we have a two weeks gap for updates.

We are working hard to eliminate these bugs and its a continuous process so it does take time to investigate the root cause and fix it

Most site issues can be solved with toggling shields settings.

In coming months we will be moving to a Chromium Front-end UI which would have a lot faster updates and would eliminate most issues. We hope you check back with us once the new browser comes out and you would still be able to contribute to your favourite publishers.


Did you try clearing your browser cache and try? You can also try to back up your profile and check on a new profile


Now this seems like a good resolution, but when I had the problem 6 or 8 months ago and no plans to upgrade corporate desktops all I was shown is how to complete a clean install of Brave which didn’t fix the problem. Point is Brave is based on Chrome and the current version of Chrome works perfectly fine on Windows 7. I planned to roll Brave out to the entire company, but that won’t be happening now.


Clicked your link for wikia while using Brave and the articles loaded just fine. Sorry you had problems.


Well, it’s your decision.

We’ll see the 14th of January 2020. :slight_smile:


Am with you 100%. When the only way you ‘believe’ you can survive is to join the strongest survivor (so far) of them all then you jump on the bandwagon, no matter how crap or buggy your master is. The same goes for the mobile platform (shame on you Blackberry as well as the WebOS creators).

At least Mozilla has kept its Gecko engine.

As for myself, I’ve tried them all and guess what? I’ve chosen to stay with the original ‘evil’ because what’s the point of working with bastard childs with the same genes. Except for household brand names like Mozilla no one else has the guts to stay and persevere with its own principles. The world is so much poorer with same like imitators.


Same problem here. Issues I presented never got fixed. So I quit. Slimjet is an up and coming browser with constant updates and low resource usage.


When one app doesn’t work. Rip and replace the whole OS?

Remember the less platforms/OS that brave works on, the smaller the user base.

Another note: Windows 7 is still fully in support by Microsoft, and its still used heavily on enterprise environments.

  1. Everything is wrong here with that. Critics bugs should be fixed ASAP lest build more tech debt for the future.


I have done three re-installs and every damned time it updates it screws up–cannot comment on my favorite site (and it is none of anyone’s business which site), problems with Disqus continue, only vidoes I can watch are YouTube whichis now a censorship platform (and I though you Brave people opposed censorship!) Funny how I can use Chrome to watch “censored” videos on Vimeo but I can’'t use “freedom loving” Brave for hardly anything. PLus I cannot access my blogs with it either (must use Chrome, which is supposed to be the browser by censorship friendly Google! When you techies at Brave finally get your act together, let me know and maybe I will download it one more time! Until then, I will use Chrome and Firefox. I had such high hopes for Brave, but not any more.Sorry.


That’s not entirely true.

Mainstream support ended in 2015, and they only make security patches here and there until 2020. After that, it’s the end of Windows 7. Unless you want to risk being hacked.

Was this for me?


If I knew what is required to fix issues with Brave, I would definitely help out.


Mainstream support, ie. free phone and online support, as well as non-security updates, ended in 2015. Extended support, i.e. security updates ends in 2020.