Decided to delete a huge Brave folder (10GB), Brave wouldn't work. Tried reinstalling, twice, still won't work

Description of the issue: Brave won’t launch at all.
It happened after I decided to delete a huge Brave folder (my bad) that after a quick google search I thought would be full of only partially downloaded files.
Brave then wouldn’t load a new page, so I tried a reinstall. Brave then wouldn’t launch at all. Tried a restart, wouldn’t launch. Tried a reinstall again, wouldn’t launch.

Additional Information: Brave worked fine up until this point.

Can you do a system restore to a point before you started tinkering?

Just noticed you’re on a mac, are you using time machine? If not do a system file delete of Brave, reboot then reinstall.

You could try to use clean my mac. It will erase everything. And try to install it again.
Just download the cracked version one of clean my mac.

My last Time Machine is a bit too old…
I tried searching for the Brave system file, but Finder wouldn’t let me check “System files” as in your screenshot. Is there a directory I could check manually?

I used App Cleaner, which basically does the same thing. Didn’t work unfortunately.

I don’t know I did open some file using Text edit to check for the code in the browser and the app stop working. so I uninstalled Brave using CLEANMYMAC It’s deleted everything. After reinstall the app it’s work normally. I got this one on

Thank you for the reply, but I don’t really want to torrent anything.

Although I am grateful for the suggestions that have come so far, aren’t there any available tech support people that could help me in this situation?

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