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As I understood, Brave was supposed to change internet, change the way people advertise, change the way advertisements are shown, change the way Youtubers and content creators monetize their pages, but I encountered with such a great lie that was growing while this browser was learning how to walk, it’s about “Earning money by using a browser”, the part of “earning money” can be only achieved if you are a content creator and try to do your best and effort to make better content to your fans so you eventually will get donations in BAT and also you can wake up interests to some of your fans in the proyect to get a reward after a while, there’s no issue around “what’s supposed to be”, but what actually happens is that a lot of people exploits their referral links with titles called: “Browser that pays you”, “This browser paid me 1000 dollars” and etcetera.

I don’t know if they’re getting such a great quantity or they’re flexing at us but I don’t see any intention to promote the Browser, just making grow a lie that is further to the real objective of the browser, “Hey, I have a method that will make you win 100 dollars every month, your referrals don’t require to be youtubers, just to have a YouTube account to where to receive the money”.

I mean, this is insulting for the youtubers that really do the right thing.

And some youtubers with the tag of “Earn Money” are involved, even common users that tell the lie are involved, I know that it’s important to promote the browser but if you put big spam and Clickbait titles with the lie of “Winning easy money”, I don’t know if you really want to save your internet or fill your pockets, it’s possible to promote the browser but is unethical to make exaggerations and tell lies to attract people, in some way, exploiting the referral link, putting a bait to make profit, guiding people to break the rules, trying to put “methods of earning money” that are really broken and it’s against the rules.

I don’t know if this browser was made to change internet or to fill pockets and make revenue on lies.

Because I know the intention of this proyect is amazing, but either there was no control at the beginning or the staff didn’t know that this was going to happen.

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Thanks for reaching out – and taking the time to write that.
I’d like to respond but – and I apologize if I’m missing something – I’m not entirely clear on what point or issue you’re trying to raise?

Much of what you talk about in your post is in reference to how the referral system can be abused:

But when mentioning it, it seems as though you’re under the impression we’re encouraging this behavior – which I can assure you that we’re not. In addition, you reference the “lies” several times in your post but I’m not actually sure what “lie” it is that you think we’re telling?

If you wouldn’t mind clearing up some of my confusion I’d be happy to answer/address any concerns you may have.

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@Mattches Hi admin

What happens is that the gentleman says that the titles of my videos are deception.

He is retaliating against me because I recommend on Facebook that he does not make BAT exchanges that those acts go against the rules of Brave.

The gentleman did not erase the publication and continued making exchanges of BAT

Other users reported that he was breaking the rules of Brave here is the post

Now what the Lord wants is only to harm me, and that is not ethical.

@weldon1045 You should communicate with brave support and apologize for what you were doing, by breaking the Brave rules.

@weldon1045 the video with the title 1200 dollars proof of payment if you saw the video is all true, and what is shown are a total of 21 proofs of payment, which are not mine, if not several brave users.

If you need the brave payment tests to uphold, I can send them

And that adding all those payments is 1200 dollars in BAT that they won, without having to break the rules of Brave.

On the other hand the video of the 25 BAT 5 dollars that information was published by Brave and there is very clear what Brave says

As for the video of 10 dollars to see videos in coin base is also true the title attached my capture of proof of payment.
Where coinbase earn deposits me

Here it goes the spam guy, the one who fools people to install the browser using his link, as I sayed before this is just one example of what several people are doing, so I told him it was not any kind of personal bias, but the thing is really serious when you think you can try to persuade people to install the browser with your link, knowing that the part of the revenue is located not on the browser itself, but on the content creators program itself.

So, “Brave does pay you for using it” is kind of a lie, because what actually pays you its the content creators program.

And referring to the “Exchange”, it sounds kind of an infraction, but what actually happens is that BAT can be used to support content creators , ¿Right?, so, what if we could make a pact between content creators to support each other?, specifically not only one but a lot of creators will receive the token as a way to support them and knowing that they will support you is like a win-win condition for everyone.

I think you have a bit of a misunderstanding of what Brave Rewards is and how it actually works. When we say we “Pay you for using it”, we’re referring to our Ads program:

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Yes, it’s a half lie, because the funds made with the ads are supposed to support other creators

That is correct. And since any associated BAT wallet is uni-directional (that is, money may be deposited directly, but not directly withdrawn (from a user standpoint). Therefore:

  • Users view [Brave] Ads
  • Receive BAT for those ads
  • Use this BAT earned (for simply using the browser) to fund your favorite creators
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