December Publisher Payout Megathread

Can you help me to solve this same ?

I believe that this new metric system of regions and referrals has been giving problems. My account has been suspended, I think it was to look for referrals from countries other than mine. I have no hope in support, a friend was suspended in May and has not yet received an answer, this time it was my turn.

Is it me or anybody else didn’t received the Referral Payment Yet? Its showing something like below image from 2 days and yet no Change its in process wherease around 9th morning i used to get BATs! In my account uphold

From October i didn’t received my payment though same issue like other Creators where i tried everything like reconnecting etc didn’t received yet!

@eljuno sir! Can you update me according to the ss i shared? Tell me if the payment period is over or still in progress?

I have a BAT tip to my channel between 2 and 7 August so let me ask if I will get paid this month.

Payouts are completed! :raised_hands:

See this thread for more info about late/incomplete payouts. If you still haven’t gotten paid, your account likely falls into one of the two scenarios mentioned here: Some common solutions for late/incomplete payouts

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A payment of 426 BAT did not come, this text is written here, what is the problem?

“At the time we generated the payout report, there were no pending payouts for your account.
You will not be able to receive payment for this cycle.”




Today Screenshot_2

I wonder what this time is the reason …? Already more than 7 months have passed, Every month some kind of problem is solved (“type” is solved).

And once again I see the same thing. The work is not paid, my Youtube channel is damaged, subscribers are deceived, referrals are starting to bypass…

Please explain to me, PLEASE, what is the next problem?


Do I really need to create a new topic to attract attention? Or again, personally write all the technical support?
Ignore this topic, but in others I see people answering.

This is making a difference between history and chemistry

really where is my bat ?
or scam ?

Hello, please I replied to your email.

I had the timeline showing that a payment was in progress for December. This has now disappeared, it’s saying that the next payout is in January and the account balance is unchanged. No explanation of why the “in progress” payment didn’t happen.

This exact same thing has happened for the last three months.

My uphold account is connected and verified.

I received 39.19 bats and payment in progress, 145 bats appear approximately in addition to that 39.19 bats paid me before the date of 8 long before

please help, this is a mistake check my account I did not violate anything how this could happen

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Please check my account for a long time, there is no answer from you waiting for your decision. I hope that you will allow further cooperation with you. I ask you to restore access, I still do not know what is happening in the account

I pick it up! Unanswered. The payment was interrupted again (Feeding hope for more than half a year)

why are my payments pending, I submitted an appeal and asked for support but haven’t received a response,
please help me

Hello, I wrote appellatione letter, but never received an answer. please tell me how long usually have to wait for a response?

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