December Payout Not Received (3 Payments)

I still haven’t received any of my 3 December payouts. I’ve created a detailed post, even messaged @steeven but still I did not get any help, it’s been more than a week since they told me to wait COUPLE OF DAYS. @steeven check your DM and help me please. @saltybanana

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Closing the post will not do anything, why can’t you just help me instead @steeven and save both of our times.

I was expecting my 3 payments 1 for my Verified Uphold account(windows) and 1 Verified Uphold account(android) and the last 1 Claim option for my unverified android.

First missed payment - verified Uphold(android) Details:

Uphold Email:
Operating System: Android 9
Brave Version: Version 1.32.112 Chromium: 96.0.4664.45
Expected Payment: ~5 BATs
Wallet ID: 0f93e218-5fb5-418c-8fcf-6b39fa371545
Some Screenshotss if needed:

Second missed payment - verified Uphold(windows) Details:

Uphold Email:
Operating System: Windows 11
Brave Version: Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71 (Official Build) (64-bit)
Expected Payment: ~2.4 BATs
Wallet ID: 0925da1e-e76a-423e-b6df-620cf8595dfd
Some Screenshotss if needed:


Third missed payment - unverified wallet(android) Details:

Operating System: Android 7
Brave Version: Version 1.34.80 Chromium: 97.0.4692.71
Expected Payment: ~14.5 BATs
Wallet ID: d1999d99-aacd-492c-9c10-876038704945
Some Screenshotss if needed:

I won’t mind receiving all of my payments in my verified uphold account linked with the email
Please @steeven @SaltyBanana ook at this issue.
I’ve also DM’d you all this, @steeven

PS: it took me approx 40 mins to make this detailed post so please don’t let it get wasted.

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Very detailed, and thorough. :+1:

They can’t say they don’t have enough info to look into this.

This is a major issue this past month, and silence among Devs and their social channels makes it even worse.

I, too, have payout problems this past month, which I’ve never had to deal with before.
I really hope this gets resolved, or they risk losing major user count, and thus ad revenue.

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I also never had issues before but always saw people complaining. I always suggest people to keep calm and wait for brave supports responce. Never thought what they were going through. I have never saw this slow support before. There is literally a single guy handling all of these issues??? No doubt it takes at least a week to just get his responce. No offence but this ridiculous!!

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I got an update from @SaltyBanana yesterday:

SaltyBananaUser Support


My apologies, @akent22

We are working on Gemini linking issues at the moment and once this is resolved, we will try rerunning payments.

@steeven @steeven @steeven @steeven

@Sidd, I’ve just sent your payment. I would strongly suggest that you remove your personal information above to protect your own privacy.

We are a small team and require time to work through our DM’s. Thank you.

:+1: Now that’s what I figured, I know the team is tight knit and smaller.
Great to see results.

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