December and January payout not reflecting in my uphold account

Hello @steeven
I have already claimed my BAT rewards in my laptop for December and January but it does not reflect to my uphold account for some reason. I have tried to disconnect and connect my uphold account but no avail.

Version 1.18.77 Chromium: 87.0.4280.101 (Official Build) (64-bit)
OS: Windows 10 Build 20H2
January 2021

December 2020


Connected to uphold(But the 10BAT didnt go thru uphold as seen on image above):

Anything else missing here or what should I do to fix this? Thank you

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@kdvsolis please DM your Wallet ID. Thanks!

Hi @steeven

I have already DMed you additional details for this. Have you received it? Thanks

Hi @kdvsolis, I’m not seeing a DM so I’ll send you one now. Thanks!

@steeven I did now. Have received it? Thanks

Hi @steeven

Its been days so any news about this?

Hi @kdvsolis, the dev team has identified the cause of your issue and is currently working on the fix for it.

Hi @steeven

Its been days and I still not getting my tokens so what was happening now? Thank you

At least they answered you, Ive left 2 messages past week on this forum,
and no response from any at brave !!

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same here bro, I am afraid to contact them again. They would close my thread as duplicate and lock my acc. I gave up bro. :frowning:

Another site that started good and turned to sh#t pretty quick!
Looks like they are keeping the rewards for them selves,time to find a new browser

No bro, browser is good only. But the team is small for the support. Let’s wait with hope.:crossed_fingers:

@chelsealax, I don’t have a DM from you. Please send your wallet ID in a DM. Thank you.


Thanks for following up. We have an active issue on this that the team is investigating.

In a DM, if you could send me your the following information for troubleshooting:

1.) Inspect the uphold dashboard page after logging into uphold.
2.) Click on “network”
3.) Find an API call called “me” in the list of API calls
4.) Click on Response
5.) Copy everything after “id”:" and before the closing " to get the UUID of the uphold user

Paste your Uphold ID in the thread.

Thank you in advance!

Bro, what about me? I have sent so many DMs. Please help me bro. It has been almost 3 months.

Just an update. Got a reply from @steeven bro finally.

Hi How do I get your Dm information?
What wallet Id you want? brave or uphold?
How do I find my wallet ID?

I don’t understand your instructions for step 1 and 2. What should I inspect? What do you mean by “network”? I only see cards in the dashboard of Uphold when I logged in

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he means, u need to right click and click inspect, and than go to “network tab”

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