December Ads Payout Megathread

This is the official support thread for the December 2019 Ads payout. Please direct any issues related to this month’s Ads payouts here.

if you’re a Creator with questions about December’s payout, please see our December Publisher payout megathread instead .

Update - 12/6/19

A subset of users may have seen their balances drop by around 20 BAT. This was a bug, and the team is pushing a fix later today that should restore your balances back to normal.

Before posting here, make sure none of common reasons for missing an Ads payout apply to you:

  1. Anyone whose BAT balance has suddenly dropped or zeroed out should fully exit and restart the Brave client. Make sure to completely exit out of the program and try again. This should fix most of the cases here – if not, please let us know and we’ll dig into your account!
  2. Ads payouts have now fully completed (including retroactive Ads payouts from past balances). If you didn’t get paid, email us the details (see the below instructions on writing in).
  3. If you’re expecting an Ads payout you didn’t get, you may be in an unsupported region. Brave Ads payouts are only available to those residing in supported regions.

If you are a Brave browser user who did not receive your Brave Ads earnings (or, your earnings from previous months still have not been transferred to your linked Uphold account), and none of the above apply to you , please email us at with the subject line “December Ads payment missing”.

With your email, please include:

  1. Your country (the country in which your browser is active)
  2. Go to brave://rewards-internals on your affected browser and cut/paste the details into the email. Do not share this data on public threads!
  3. If you have a verified Brave Rewards user wallet , the email associated with your verified Uphold account.

Email is the fastest way to communicate with us and get your issue resolved. Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.


What time will the claim button appear?

It’s soon…a couple of hours

Thanks for the info Angielina.
Is there a preset time? e.g. 00:00 GMT

Has anyone claimed their monthly BAT or not yet? Still no claims button for me!

what do you mean by supported regions?
Brave wallet from supported region or browsing from supported region?

When on brave browser for Android you can’t access brave://rewards-internals page is there but doesn’t load I’m from the UK have outstanding payments and yet the date for next payment date hasn’t changed been using brave for about 3 months never happened before and help be appreciated :upside_down_face:

  • Correction found out have to put chrome:// first to get details if anyone new like me figured out

Hi everyone,

I just noticed that the next payment date has changed from 5Nov to 5Jan but still no button has appeared to be able to claim the BAT for payment day 5Nov.
Anyone knows what is going on? I’m using Version 1.3.57 Chromium: 79.0.3945.56 (Official Build) dev (64-bit).

Thank you

Ps: On another note does it make any difference anymore if you use the normal version or the dev version? E.g. do you get more ads on dev or normal? Is the amount per ad the same in both versions ( for example I get a different amount on my android mobile phone than the dev in my macbook pro)?
Once again thanks in advance!


All day yesterday (5th Nov) I was waiting for the claim button to appear but nothing happened. Now( 04:35 6th Nov) I go to check and I still don’t have the claim button but the pay day has changed to 5th Jan and the amount of Pending BAT has changed to a smaller amount an amount that also doesn’t make sense as it contradicts the viewed ads counter. It says 2.1 BAT pending and notifications received 34 ( so 34x0.05=1.7).
Can anyone help?
Also can someone clarify how the BAT pending is calculated? is it for example calculate based on the 1st of the month until the end of the month or is it from claim day to claim day? And also is it a time on the pay day preset that the claim button should appear (e.g. 00:00 GMT)?

Thank you

I saw a claim button for the bat made through ads but then I can’t see it in my wallet, what’s wrong?
Should I share the screenshot here?

Hello there. I have just a couple of BAT points and as I checked, the payment was due yesterday. If I check the rewards section, then I can see the same amount pending, only that the 5th of January is set as payment day. What happened?



Claims not available, keep waiting!!!.

Thanks for the information. I will be waiting.

Hi I have not received my payout for brave ads yesterday, my Brave rewards balance is still the same, I guess there is a glitch in the system?

i have successfully received my ads payout for the November month. Thank you!

Estimated pending reward not reflected to wallet, even not on payment date 5 dec.

Me too, my 20bat is gone. I dont know where it goes?

This is my first time using the brave rewards… As of 4:45AM Eastern on Dec. 6, The december 5 balance went from 2.35, to 1.85, now its back at 2.55BAT. There was a claim button about an hour ago, but it didn’t function. Now after cycling out and in, there isn’t a claim button any more.
How do I claim?

Haven’t received payment either but the amount from the past month is still pending.

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