DECEMBER 2021 BAT payout not credited in Gemini wallet

previous month(DECEMBER 2021) brave reward not yet credited in Verified Gemini wallet, BAT didn’t credited till 14th January 2022.

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Check out the banner at the top of the page for details.

Payout this month is for November earnings. Also, despite it indicating Gemini payouts are complete, a lot of others have reported issues with Gemini wallets. I’m sure it is being looked into.

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I have the same issue. @steeven looked into it for me and said my account was flagged. He unflagged my account and said the payment should go through now.

Same here @steeven help me

If our account was unflagged now, will we receive the payment for the last month?

Hopefully, if I don’t have my payment by next week I’ll contact the mods again.


Same issue with Gemini. Dont have BAT from December. Why would an account be flagged?!