DECEMBER 2021 BAT payout not credited in Gemini wallet till 20th January 2022

previous month(DECEMBER 2021) brave reward not yet credited in Verified Gemini wallet, BAT didn’t credited till 14th January 2022.

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Check out the banner at the top of the page for details.

Payout this month is for November earnings. Also, despite it indicating Gemini payouts are complete, a lot of others have reported issues with Gemini wallets. I’m sure it is being looked into.

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I have the same issue. @steeven looked into it for me and said my account was flagged. He unflagged my account and said the payment should go through now.

Same here @steeven help me

If our account was unflagged now, will we receive the payment for the last month?

Hopefully, if I don’t have my payment by next week I’ll contact the mods again.


Same issue with Gemini. Dont have BAT from December. Why would an account be flagged?!

Have you got your payment? I haven’t

I message mod he told that our payment will arrive in next month(February)

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also for not verified wallets? and do you get ads from new tabs?

Ya I get ads and background page promotions(sponsored images)

damn for me since 12th of January it doesnt work and I also did not get the December payment. Wrote to @steeven but did not reply

I also message steeven after a long time about 5-6 days he unflagged me and now all is okay still didn’t get the December payments and now they said that payment will arrive next month

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This is upsetting. I was told in October it would resolve itself with November’s payment.

It didn’t, then I was told in November it would resolve itself with December’s payment.

It didn’t again. In December I was told to wait for January’s payment. Now it’s not resolved and I have to wait another month?

I’m sure I can guess what will happen come February — I’ll still be looking for my missing BAT. :cry:

Oh no that’s very upsetting this is not good :neutral_face:

We’ll see. Fingers crossed.

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how many bat token u haven’t received yet?

Under 20. It was BAT that disappeared after verifying my Gemini wallet.

what mod are telling?

Not looking to put anyone on blast here.

I know they’re working on it. Trying to be patient.