Debug ads on android?

hello team,

is there some similiar way how to debug ads on android device?

Can you tell me what you believe the issue with ads that you’re encountering is?

@Mattches - Ads stopped working suddenly, I guess…after last update?

you are in what country please?

@Dgenies - US, ads worked before try this site and send me the screenshot

Full of entries

okay. Ads notification should start popping up soon

@Mattches @Dgenies well, the issue is, that even if I’m connected with laptop and phone to same wifi network, ads are popping up on laptop but not on my phone (and it worker before)
So I’m wondering, if there was some another check (like was for example locale settings on windows version) implemented in latest android release…or if there is some way how to debug it from my end

How long has it been since you’ve received ads on your phone?

@Mattches Its been already several days, i’m not 100% sure, but I would say, it stopped working after app update

i know ads on mobile don’t appear as frequent as pc that I can say from my experience

@Dgenies thats right, but as you can see, I received 45 ads this month but then ads stopped

Just to confirm, there is a daily cap on ads that you may have hit – that said, you should still be receiving Ads throughout the day.

I’ve reached out to some of our Android team for additional input – appreciate your patience with us. We’ll get to the bottom of this.

@Mattches - yeah, I understand, there is some day limit for ads, I guess same like on desktop - 20, anyway, my ads stopped one day (i guess after app update) and I did not received any other ads since then (more than 2 weeks)

Are you still not seeing ads on your Android device?

@Mattches - unfortunately not, i dont know…maybe I’m doing something wrong, I did not changed any settings from my side, im using browser same way, but ads are not working
I know how to simulate ads popup on desktop (wait some time and then move the mouse like is described in original post) but i dont know the popup scenario on android

FYI, ads started working again, cant say exactly when, but seems like its all fine again :slight_smile:

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