Dear Not Recive Some Balance From Ad View

I View Total 52 Advertise.
I Recive 0.1 BAT Per Advertise.
Original- 52 Ad= 5.2, But I Recive Only 2.6 BAT.


I Attach Sccreenshort
Brave Ad786786786

Hello @aheda123. Could you please show with a screenshot where did you see that:

Sure I Share My 2 Screenshort,

1st Screenshort
Brave Ad786786786
2nd Screenshort
brave das 2


Could you please post here again the same screenshot after 54 ads? Because I think that it will be again 2.7 BAT. IT is only a my opinion. Lets see what will happen.

@aheda123 it’s vary and not always 0.1 BAT per ads.

Ok But Some Ads Not Recive BAT, Pls Reserch The Probleems.
This is My Opnion

53 Ads- 2.7 BAT
54 Ads 2.7 BAT
brave ads 3


Yes, U are Right

brave ads 3

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Every ad has a value of 0.05 bat. You see two times the same amount because the shown amount is rounded:

2.65 is shown 2.7
2.7 is shown 2.7
2.75 is shown 2.8
2.8 is shown 2.8 and so on.

Yes, Thanks For Support

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