Dear administration.Pay attention!

I have a few questions that no one from the administration is answering!
1.Why are there constant problems with payments? You have something broken, then some other problems are not known.
Or we know about the cause, but can’t fix it.
“We rolled back the backup after the last change and everything miraculously fixed.”-that’s easy!
2.No feedback from the users. There really is no feedback. Somewhere, some echoes, some attempts to solve problems and always, I agree, there are a lot of users, few people. But you knew what you were doing and your competence to solve these problems, rather than constantly reminding us that we are very busy. Hire another 3 people to sort out these issues and everyone will feel better. Create a normal structure of request tickets so that people understand what their request is in the queue. Don’t wait by the sea for the weather without knowing if your message was received or not. This is foolishness!
3.Continuous postponement of payments.
What is it, constantly postponing payments with some kind of incomprehensible problems.
You process these payments for a week.
And to start mailing to Uphold wallets is easy, and here even huge servers are not needed. All this is done quite simply by API, which Uphold has implemented very easily and understandably!
But you again have some problems.
Ok, there are problems, so be it. But then keep your users, on whom you make money, informed. Just make official statements.
Here’s even now, you just moved the date of payment publishers from the 13th to the 16th.What happened again?
Where is Stephen’s official statement?
Or do all these issues need to be raised a lot more than just on your forum? If it helps, I can do a mailing to all social networks.
4.Price per token and a fair price for advertising.
This topic has already been raised many times. But where is your formula that reevaluates the cost of advertising? You’ve been talking so loudly about it. But where is it? I don’t think there is one at all. Why when the price of a token went up, you reduced the payment, but when the price went down, there was no change. Where’s the justice in that? And the price has been falling for months.
It gives the impression that you hold your users as dumb sheep who will devour whatever they are given. But don’t forget that without these users, there won’t be your entire browser. No money from advertisers, no way forward.
5.Add a notification that the purse is marked, Lord, how many requests and topics from the forum will go immediately.
As far as I noticed on the forum, such a mark is already there when they connect custodial wallet. So why the hell not to make such an alert when the purse is only marked?


I think this is their Business model.

Hi @Bananas12, thanks for your post. As a team and a company we’re working hard every day to ensure that are system better serves our users.

If you have a specific issue with this or last months payout, I’d love to help out. Please note that Creators payments will begin to process on Monday.

Can you please submit the information surrounding your issue to our form there so we can take a closer look?

Thank you.

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