Dead Tabs and the tearaway tab issue



I’m having an issue where tabs keep randomly dying.

I seems to happen when there are lots of tabs open and often when dragging a tab from one window into another. The tabs will not activate when clicked on and can not be closed. The browser itself will also not close when this happens and has to be shut down through task manager or by right clicking on the start bar icon and clicking close.

I am also experiencing the tear away tab issue quite often which is compounded by this dead tab issue.


Brave: 0.18.14
rev: ad92d029e184c4cff01b2e9f4916725ba675e3c8
Muon: 4.3.6
libchromiumcontent: 60.0.3112.78
Node.js: 7.9.0
Update Channel: dev
OS Platform: Microsoft Windows
OS Release: 6.1.7601
OS Architecture: x64

Dead tabs and close tabs to right closes everything

Same as the following bug, so I’m staying mostly on version 0.16.9, which almost never has this bug.


Hi All,

I am using version 0.19.53 on windows 7 64 Bit. I also have same issue as finsarg and it’s happening very frequently now that tabs become unresponsive if not used for a few minutes and then I can’t close them until i kill and restart the browser itself. When try close all tabs to right it closes everything and is very annoying to loose the work. I was working on writing a large regex and lost the work multiple times.

This is a wonderful browser and we love to use it but such issues are deal breakers and should be fixed quickly.

Dead tabs and close tabs to right closes everything

It’s been recognized by the team and will be fixed soon.


@suguru, was this issue resolved and could it possibly be related to the problem which I reported moments ago?

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