Deactivate auto-contribution and credit back

Hi everyone, I resyncronized my brave account to uphold after a harsh reset of my smartphone, and I just noticed that the auto-contribution had been accidentally activated.
Since the date to finalise the contribution is 13 February, I’d like to know if it’s possible to deactivate the auto-contribution and credit back to my account all the BAT expected to the contributions.
Thank you

Deactivate auto contribute manually by clicking on the toggle switch. Voila!

But it will also deactivate it retrospectively the contribution already allocated before it is finalised?

I suppose so. @Saoiray any idea?

@Slateman All you can ever do is create a Rewards Support Ticket at and see if Brave can assist you.

Often contributions are not refundable because they have been paid to the Creators and they aren’t going to “take back” that from the Creators and it wouldn’t make sense to say Brave should allow people to try to do something like that to multiply their earnings by abusing the system. That said, Brave Support can make case by case decisions.

You’d think that after that many users having the same issue again and again and again for years they’d make changes to prevent it from happening.
But no.

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