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I’m new to Brave so apologies if I’ve missed sometihng simingly obvious to the regulars.
I’m using for some learning and it has a web interface to iPython and R. On my first day with Brave it all worked perfectly, but since yesterday the console/interpreter no longer loads on their website. It works fine in MSIE and Chrome so I am assuming its something I’ve changed in Brave, or the update I just downloaded disagrees with the site? It just keeps telling me the “session needs restarting”


Hi, would you click the top right lion icon and see if Fingerprinting Protection blocks something?

FYI: for a similar issue, please check this topic to “fix” the issue :+1:



thanks for the fast reply. I’ve gone through these steps, including turning off shield completely for the site but the problem still persists.

I’ve opened up the console and got the following javascript error that might be the cause? (hopefully this image is viewable when opened in its own tab)


Thanks for checking. I think that might be the issue.

I’ll forward the team this issue to the team. Thanks! :smile:


This problem appears to have been fixed in the latest release. thank you very much team.


Nice to hear that :heart:

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