Data protection US-Eu privacy shield

Hey guys, I am probably one of the few reading through your privacy documentation and I found something that I believe needs updating (see the part on the brave rewards) . I have attached the passage as a Screenshot here for you to take a look at.

According to my knowledge the US-EU privacy shield was overturned by the highest European Court. So that piece of legislation that allowed user data to go through servers outside the EU/the US is no longer valid. Hence, users data may no longer leave the EU. Form a privacy perspective this is a move that was urgently necessary. The question now is: have you made all necessary arrangements to comply with this court ruling and simply forgotten to update the privacy notice? Are you working on it? Or have you not been aware of this at all and EU user data for the brave rewards system is still being subjected to US servers?

Cheers from da EU

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We are indeed working on updating our privacy policy. It will be posted in the next few days.

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@fmarier Thanks. I just checked once more and, personally, am not really happier than before. It seems like it just got a lot hazier than before. It now says under brave rewards:

If you switch on Brave Rewards you are assigned a “wallet” identifier by Uphold, our payments partner. We record this identifier on servers operated by Amazon and Heroku (a Salesforce company) in the United States. We take a range of technical and organisational measures to safeguard any personal data including the use of EU standard contractual clauses.


  • get more specific with these ranges of technical and organisational measures, preferrably by designing info-graphics easily understandable to the user.
  • actually name these measures in your privacy policy. Not sure whether this passage would hold if you ever got sued. In any case: transparency is queen and king, especially if you want to convince people to use Brave browser instead of, say, Duck Duck Go or the open source Privacy Browser.