Data Privacy For the rewards/bat by watching the ads

What will happen if I decide to discontinue my brave rewards account? I was informed that it would, somehow, give me an earning just by watching the brave ads: My concern is that I sent my passport and selfie already as well as my personal data (full name, address & contact #) as part of the requirement to be able to get my payment online. Please educate me, somehow, after being inactive here or after 30 days of not using the browser, would my private details be automatically deleted on your database?

Thank you for your kind attention.
Peace to all :blush:

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I believe you are actually referring to Uphold, Brave itself never has access to your passport, selfie, and other identifiable information. If you want Uphold to get rid of that data, then you have to transfer any funds there out of your accounts, and then close your account. It’s my understanding that Uphold will only hold on to information that it has to as required by law for a period of time, after that time has elapsed they will erase all data pertaining to your account.

You could consider directing any other questions you might have towards Uphold here:

As for discontinuing brave rewards, all you have to do is turn rewards off. Hope that was helpful.

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Big Thanks Amaya. Oh yeah it should be the Uphold. Virtual hug :hugs: . Take care :v: