Dashline Integration


Password managers including Lastpass and 1Password are supported.

Dashline who often compete with Lastpass as a password manager are not. Many people are tied into subscriptions with Dashline and could not easily switch.

Please add iOS (particularly iPhone) support for Dashline.


Hi @scw,

There’s an open issue related to this.

cc: @joel for info about the progress.

Thank you,

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Thanks for reaching out and letting us know that this is important to you. We are looking forward to having Dashlane added to Brave. While it is on our roadmap, we are currently working on some other big features right now (e.g. sync).

Since our iOS project is open source, you can always let Dashlane know you would like to see them integrated into Brave. Another password manager, Bitwarden, recently added themselves into Brave.