Dashlane pop-up windows cannot be clicked




I am currently making up my mind about moving to Brave Browser and there is just one thing giving me a hard time: Dashlane is a MUST for me and it runs just fine on my machine, except one thing: There are quite some situations when Dashlane pops up a window, offering choices you need to click on for proceeding, like:

Selecting the the right credential to get filled in, asking if you want to store a new or changed password and others.

These windows pop up, but I cannot click anything, all clicks simply get ignored and so I just get stuck at that point.

Also, I have seen that the current version of Dashlane in Brave is 5.5.1, while the current release of the Dashlane browser add-in is 6.0.1, since weeks, if I am not wrong. If anybody has in idea about how to get Dashlane running properly - this would be great.

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so basically this isnt the issue with brave its a dashlane issue , i am a dashlane user for past 2 years i do like keeping my id pass secured and mostly dont remember thm but the thing is if the dashlane acts wierd just like you are stating in this scenarios u have to reinstall dashlane ! your id and pass would b stored in your computer!

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If you’re still experiencing this issue with the most recent release then I imagine it’s an issue with Strict Site Isolation:

Try disabling SSI by going to: Settings --> Security --> Strict SIte Isolation and toggle to option “off”.
If the issue persists please let me know.